International Size Binding Supplies

By Shari Zeimetz on 2014-12-01 14:53:27 -

Are you working on a presentation that requires binding covers?  We stock both black backs and clear covers in A4, A5 and Statement Size.

Punching - European Sizes

By Shari Zeimetz on 2014-10-27 12:34:08 -

Have you encountered difficulty punching your European size A4 indexes and paper so that they may be bound in the A4 binders commonly used?

This is because standard American 2 hole and 3 hole punches do not have the same spacing as the rings on European A4 binders.

Standard U.S. 2 hole punches have the punch heads (and holes) closer together than needed to line up with the rings in the International size 2 ring binders and typically these punches are not adjustable.

The typical U.S. 3 ring punch "IF" it is adjustable will likely have only 3 punch heads.  The spacing from the top punched hole to the bottom punched hole on the U.S. punch/binder and paper is 8.5" apart.  The International A4 4 ring binder requires 4 holes and the spacing is further apart top to bottom hole than 8.5"

Our featured product, the SWI74440 A4 punch comes standard with 4 heads and has adjustable spacing to allow you to punch International A4 documents for 2 or 4 ring binders.

A4 and A5 - Why are they used in the U.S.

By Shari Zeimetz on 2014-09-02 15:26:52 -

Why would A4 and A5 size products be used in the United States?

With the increased globalization of the economy there are many international organizations that have paperwork and presentations in many countries. Often these organizations have been forced to import A4 and A5 products or have had to convert all of their documents to Letter or Statement sizes in order to work in the United States. The amount of organizations with multiple locations across the world only figures to increase.

A4 and A5 - What''s the Difference

By Shari Zeimetz on 2014-08-27 10:39:43 -

What are A4 and A5 sizes?

In the United States and Canada the primary size for paper is known as “Letter Size” which is 8.5” x 11”. Everywhere else in the world A4 and A5 sizes are used. A4 paper is 210mm x 297mm. A5 paper is 148mm x 210mm which is an A4 piece of paper folded exactly in half. Because of the different size paper, many other materials are needed to be sized correctly to fit A4 and A5 sizes, from binders and binding supplies to index tabs and hole punches.

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